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I’m going to let you in on a little secret: I buy dog toys for my cats.

Why? Well, a better question is why not? And why do dog toys have to be just for the dogs of the world, anyway? My cats genuinely seem to love playing with dog toys more, plus dog toys hold up much better than most cat toys to the extreme wear and tear caused by two very playful cats.

My partner and I have gotten dog toys for our cat Kiara for years now, but this came up again because our new kitten Kosmo is teething and literally chewed right through a tiny kitten teething toy the first day he had it. That little toy really did not have a chance. So, we decided to get him a puppy teething toy instead, which he loves, and has not chewed through!

Dog toys have proven time and time again to be more sturdy and long-lasting for our cats. Especially because Kiara and Kosmo are indoor cats, the vast array of different kinds of dog toys helps make sure they have a variety of fun things to play with and are mentally stimulated and happy.

Here are three of my cats’ favorite dog toys that I recommend for your playful feline friends:

1. Crinkle toys

There are some cat toys that have crinkle paper inside, but my cats seem to prefer the stuffed animal dog toys that have it. They have a few toys like this giraffe one because they just love them so much.

2. Squeaky toys

Toys with a squeaker in them are a huge hit with the cats. They are very curious about and interested in the squeaking sound and love to run after the toy and attack it if we throw it down the hallway for them. One of their all-time favorites is the classic Lamb Chop plush dog toy.

3. Chew toys

If you have a kitten, I cannot recommend puppy chew toys enough. While our kittens have chewed through plastic kitten toys while teething, which is both dangerous and wasteful, these ones are much tougher and they have a lot more fun with them.

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