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Is it possible to give dogs bones, the better it is to feed the pets, when it is time to show them to the veterinarian — find out the answers to the most common questions of novice dog breeders?

How to feed a dog?

The first rule is not to save on food. Believe me, the services of a veterinarian and medication for a pet will cost more than high-quality feed. Not to be mistaken with food will help a simple rule: it should not be cheap and should not be sold in supermarkets. Do not be too lazy to go to the pet store, there is a choice of good feeds of an average price category much more.

But you can also feed your dog natural food. The main thing is to monitor the balance of the diet and do not forget to give your pet vitamins. There are many options for a healthy natural menu, such as a combination of buckwheat, rice, chicken, or beef offal. Giving salty foods is not recommended.

A strict feeding schedule is one of the keys to healthy digestion.

Delicious for dogs is not flour and sweet. If you want to pamper your pet, buy him a special treat from the pet store.

Fresh filtered water should always be freely available.

Important! Contrary to the prevailing stereotype, you should not give the dog a bite to bite. They destroy the enamel, but a pet can grind or even break a tooth about them. In addition, bone fragments quite strongly clog the gastrointestinal tract. Want to give a dog something to chew on? In pet stores, there is a great alternative — veins bones.

When should I contact a veterinarian?

They haven’t come up with an even better way to save you and your dog from unnecessary problems than sterilization. You will not need to think that the pet will run away, attracted by the smell of estrus, or, conversely, will bring sudden offspring.

A veterinarian examination once every six months will help to identify and prevent possible diseases. It is better to play it safe and see the problem at the very beginning than to clear up the consequences of a neglected disease.

Vaccinations are as inevitable as taxes. Vaccinations against rabies and other viral diseases are given once a year.

If you notice changes in the behavior or appearance of the dog — lethargy, refusal to eat, areas of baldness, tightness under the skin — contact your veterinarian. Better to go for nothing than skip the start of the disease.

What about walking?

Winter is good in that the chance to bring a tick home is minimized. But in the summer before a walk, it is worth treating the dog with an insect spray, so as not to pick up the parasite.

But it’s better to be safe anyway and check your pet’s coat after a walk. Especially if you walked in the forest. By the way, learning how to get a tick is easy. Ask the veterinarian to show how to do this, and you can independently rid the pet of the insect if necessary.

During the walk, the dog can be combed out — and there is less cleaning at home, and there is a chance to find the tick in time.

Even if the summer is very hot, do not let the dog swim in an unfamiliar reservoir. You never know who else can swim, and then you have to treat infections.

It is impossible for the dog to pick up something on the street and even more so eat it. This is an axiom.

A sedentary lifestyle is a path to disease. A healthy lifestyle begins on the street. Walk with your pet as often as possible, let him get a little tired after a walk, but return home happy. And for a modern urban resident, such physical activity will be useful.

Does the dog need to be washed?

The dog is not a cat, and you still have to wash it. Especially if the dog is long-haired.

Carefully choose a shampoo for your pet. If you do not want the consequences in the form of allergies and irritations, this should be high-quality cosmetics and not a dubious sample of the chemical industry for 35 rubles.

Particular attention to the ears. An ear mite and otitis media will bring a lot of unpleasant moments to you and your pet, so if you notice that the dog is worried about the ears, immediately go to the clinic.

Is it also necessary to train?

The general training course will not be superfluous for a dog of a medium or large breed. If it is not possible to give the animal to the dog handler, independently teach him the basic commands: “to me”, “place”, “not to”, “walk”. This will make it easier for you to control your pet in public.

Screaming at a dog and even less beating it is not worth it. It is unlikely that she will understand the cause of your aggression, that is, the educational effect will be doubtful, but the dog will begin to be afraid of you.

What can not be done in any case?

  1. Let the dog run alone. Self-walking is the fastest way to lose an animal. The exception is walking on your fenced site.
  2. Play with the dog with a small ball will be dangerous: it can swallow it and suffocate.
  3. Leave the dog at home in a collar. Active animals can catch on a protruding object and strangle themselves.
  4. Give a lot of food to dogs. It can swell the stomach, and the dog may vomit.

But what you must do is love your pets and spend as much free time with them as possible. Their life is much shorter than ours, and we are a large part of this life.

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